Ilpoom Jeong, GSA Principal

“A forward thinking, on the rise, new kind of architect, motivated and deeply inspired by nature and the environment as a whole. His passion for excellence and perfection is reflected in the fluidity of his designs and the life each embodies. Seeing truly is believing!”

“Beauty is a function, and a factor of efficiency.” Ilpoom Jeong

Ilpoom Jeong, GSA Principal, Petra

Ilpoom Jeong, GSA Principal, Petra

Columbia University - Advanced Architectural Design - M.S.

Registered Architect - American Institute of Architects (AIA)

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards Certification

Leader on BIM ( Latest 3D information Modeling ) technology - Taught BIM as a Calatrava Architects Instructor, (World Trade Center Transportation Hub).

14 years of Experience and counting…

Well versed in the design of extremely diverse types of structures, such as Highrises, Hotels, Condominiums, Colleges, Retail outfits, Restaurants, Homes, Hospitals and Bridges, it is worth noting that Ilpoom has worked with some of the very best architectural firms in New York City, including the following:,,,,




What sets Ilpoom’s architectural designs apart from the competition is his insightful and introspective process, rooted in inspiration from nature in its many forms.

His 3 Step Process unfolds as follows…

Step 1: INSPIRATION from Art (Sculpture, painting, music), Prayer, Nature (Trees, water, mountains, etc.), Philosophy, Human Emotions, Inventions…

Step 2: Transformation from inspiration to purely a STUDY of interesting, inspirational spaces.

Step 3: APPLY Step 2 to practical Architectural Spaces consisting of programs, circulations, and required MEPS ( Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), Civil engineering, Landscape design per required Code, and Clients’ Vision, Goals and Functional Needs.

Typical Program efficiency VS Grace Space Architect Efficiency Ratio

Typical efficiency calculation: Usable space, SQ Ft / Total buildable space, SQ Ft. = Efficiency without true value of the space

Grace Space Efficiency Calculation: Usable Space, SQ Ft x ( factors of beauty, inspiration, elegance of the space ) / Total buildable space. = True Value Efficiency