Ilpoom Jeong, GSA Principal

“A forward thinking, on the rise, new kind of architect, motivated and deeply inspired by nature and the environment as a whole. His passion for excellence and perfection is reflected in the beauty and fluidity of his designs and the life each embodies. Seeing truly is believing!”

Columbia University - Advanced Architectural Design - M.S.

American Institute of Architects (AIA) - Registered Architect

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)- Certification

Leader on BIM technology (Latest 3D information Modeling) Taught BIM as an instructor at several World Class Architectural Firms.

“Beauty is both Function and a Factor of Efficiency.” I. Jeong

14 years of experience and counting…

While Ilpoom Jeong’s experience and expertise in design and leading superior and extremely diverse architectural projects from high-rises, hotels, condominiums, and colleges to retail outfits, restaurants, residences, hospitals and bridges, make for a great introduction. It is also definitely worth noting that Jeong has the exceptional distinction of having worked with some of the finest architectural firms in New York, NY including but not limited to Santiago Calatrava Architects & Engineers, Helpern Architects, Hill West, and Jeffrey Berman Architect.

Screened Contractor on HomeAdvisor